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Any statements on the contrary are a propaganda lie; occasion misplaced its legitimacy when the veterans formally withdrew

Media assertion by MKMVA regarding the collapse of the so-called all-inclusive MK Unity Conference and the best way ahead

6 May 2022

It is now a well known incontrovertible fact that the so-called All Inclusive MK Unity Conference, that was held in East London from the twenty seventh of April till the thirtieth of April 2022, was a failure and collapsed. Any different narrative that the Conference was supposedly efficiently concluded, and {that a} new construction had been established is a propaganda lie that doesn’t maintain as much as the details of the scenario. The stated Conference was touted as an inclusive unity effort, and thus in the mean time when the members of MKMVA formally withdrew from the Conference, it misplaced its legitimacy and was in truth successfully and formally collapsed. It was certainly no simple step for the MKMVA members, who have been delegates on the Conference, to take the momentous choice to withdraw from the proceedings of the Conference. This choice was primarily based on a cautious evaluation of the historic background that led to the holding of the Conference within the first occasion, in addition to issues a few sequence of occasions, and the intense administrative maladministration within the run-up to the Conference, in addition to the style by which the Conference was run for the few hours that it was truly formally sitting.

All of those issues confirmed to the members of MKMVA that this Conference was in truth not the execution of the Resolution of the 54th National Conference of the ANC, that referred to as for an all inclusive course of to unite all MK veterans. To the opposite, that the style by which the Conference took place turned out to be the direct reverse of the letter and spirit of the MK Unity Resolution, and as a consequence culminated in an ill-conceived effort by one faction throughout the African National Congress (ANC) to hijack MK veterans for their very own nefarious factional and divisive functions. As disciplined MK veterans, who cherish our personal legacy and unity, and who take the Resolutions of National Conferences of the ANC very critically, we couldn’t enable such an aberration to proceed and be legitimized. The street that led to the crossroads that we reached on Saturday, the thirtieth of April, when the MKMVA members formally withdrew from the Conference, was a protracted and tough one. The disciplined and politically mature method by which MKMVA pursued the unity challenge have to be correctly understood, with a view to totally respect why MKMVA withdrew from the Conference. It is in that context that we first must look again with a view to perceive the current juncture.

After the 54th National Conference of the ANC, MKMVA agreed to take part in a unity course of that was stipulated by the National Executive Committee (NEC) of the ANC. In essence the method of building unity within the ranks of MK veterans was positioned beneath the auspices of the Peace and Stability Sub-committee of the ANC NEC, which was initially chaired by ANC National Working Committee (NWC) member, comrade Tony Yengeni. Although MKMVA is the official and legally established Association representing all MK veterans, we had for the sake giving the unity course of an opportunity to succeed, accepted to be convened in a so-called six-aside engagement with the MK National Council. This preparedness of MKMVA was terribly beneficiant, as a result of the MK National Council is a parallel construction with no authorized standing. MKMVA may simply have refused to take action on the premise of the political illegitimacy and illegality of the MK National Council’s origins, and doubtful function. However, for the sake of pursuing unity amongst MK veterans, MKMVA determined to provide the six-a-side engagement an opportunity. It have to be emphasised that this was no simple choice, however self-discipline and a real dedication to pursuing unity among the many ranks of MK veterans prevailed. In this regard, we should laud our late MKMVA President, comrade Kebby Maphatsoe, who was deeply dedicated to unity and took a lead in persuading the MKMVA NEC to provide the six-a-side conferences a good likelihood. These engagements have been additionally helped alongside by the even-handed and honest method by which the then Chair of the Peace and Stability Sub-committee, comrade Tony Yengeni, performed our engagements. Unfortunately, when good progress was registered, and the planning to carry an all inclusive unity convention was nicely prematurely, the MK National Council determined to unilaterally withdraw from the six-aside engagements. This they did, after they realised that the six-a-side conferences, and the resultant Report that was being drawn up by the Peace and Stability Sub-committee, wouldn’t lead to them taking management of the MK veterans group, which apparently was their intention all alongside. This extraordinary ill-disciplined act was sadly entertained by the ANC NEC, and numerous conferences between MK National Council and the ANC NEC, the ANC Officials and President Ramaphosa ensued, whereas the management of MKMVA was not given an identical viewers. Furthermore, the Report of the Peace and Stability NEC Sub-committee was by no means formally mentioned, nor was its content material ever shared with the MKMVA NEC. By the time the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic delayed the holding of the MK Unity Conference the waters had already been completely muddied by the clear favoritism that the ANC NEC, and the Officials of the ANC, confirmed in the direction of the MK National Council.

This scenario was worsened by the choice of the ANC to unilaterally disband MKMVA. This was a blatantly unlawful assault on our reliable Association. The weak, and unsuccessful, an try by the NEC to create the impression of evenhandedness, when it concurrently introduced the dissolution of MK National Council was neither right here nor there. MK National Council by no means had a reliable, authorized, existence and due to this fact nothing, in actuality, existed to be dissolved, or disbanded. Although the choice by the ANC NEC to disband MKMVA was completely unlawful, we – as soon as once more – in disciplined pursuit of unity accepted the institution of a so-called Steering Committee to organise an All-Inclusive MK Unity Conference. It have to be emphasised that proper from the start it was evident that this Committee was, by way of its make-up and conduct, prejudiced in favour of these related to MK National Council, and one explicit faction throughout the ANC. Nonetheless, we instructed our deployees throughout the Steering Committee to take part as constructively as doable with a view to advance us to the purpose the place an All-Inclusive Unity Conference may very well be held, whereby good religion we hoped unity – or at the least progress in the direction of unity – may very well be achieved. Sadly this was to not be.

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