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Eve Online fans literally cheer Microsoft Excel features at annual Fanfest

Yeah, yeah, this appears to be like thrilling and all, however the spreadsheets are the place the actual motion occurs.

There aren’t many video games for which built-in integration with Microsoft Excel can be a significant characteristic whose announcement would draw literal cheers from followers. But Eve Online confirmed itself to be the exception when developer CCP introduced coming Excel integration throughout its Eve Fanfest keynote this morning.

Through an official partnership with Microsoft, CCP mentioned it’s making a JavaScript API that may permit gamers to “seamlessly export data from Eve Online” into the favored spreadsheet program. That “will help players access and calculate everything from profit margins to battle strategy, making day-to-day Eve operations easier to execute,” the corporate mentioned in a press launch.

“It’s not April fools; this is real,” Eve Online Creative Director Bergur Finnbogason mentioned on the Fanfest stage, receiving bemused laughter in response. “I’m not lying—we actually reached out to [Microsoft] and they were like, ‘Oh my god, we love Eve!'”

Spreadsheets in house!

Joking references to Eve Online‘s fame as a “spreadsheets in space” simulator date again effectively over a decade at this level. And CCP leaned into that fame at Fanfest, with Finnbogason joking {that a} data-filled presentation on the sport’s economic system by information scientist CCP Larrikin “really, really, really, really make[s] Eve sound like ‘spreadsheets in space.’ It’s hard to be a creative director sometimes when you have all the spreadsheet loving.”

Despite that, Finnbogason went on to acknowledge that “data is massively important to many advanced playstyles in Eve.” And it is true; many particular person gamers and in-game companies use exterior instruments and spreadsheets to trace their useful resource manufacturing and destruction metrics in excessive element. That information monitoring will be key to efforts to maximise in-game foreign money, which might in flip be traded for added recreation subscription time on the open market.

At Fanfest, although, Finnbogason famous that “the initial cost of setting up these [data-tracking] systems can be pretty daunting for small groups.” Built-in Excel integration for Eve Online information ought to “simplify the access to data for all” and “level the playground when it comes to the tools of the sandbox,” he mentioned.

“Whether satisfying your curiosity or maximizing your industrial enterprise or managing your frontline warfare, it’s in your hands to create the tools for your advancement,” he mentioned.

One of the many monthly graphs the EVE Economic Council uses to monitor the balance of in-game assets.
Enlarge / One of the numerous month-to-month graphs the EVE Economic Council makes use of to watch the steadiness of in-game property.

CCP already helps data-obsessed gamers with graph-filled month-to-month experiences on the whole lot from resource-mining manufacturing to regional NPC bounties. It’s all a part of the corporate’s ongoing and surprisingly profitable two-decade effort to actively handle its complicated in-game economic system. The objective, as CCP Larrikin put it on stage at Fanfest, is to create an “equitable distribution of resources” that may result in extra participant satisfaction and a greater recreation.
While a brief demo of Eve Online‘s Excel integration drew authentic cheers from the Fanfest viewers, Finnbogason mentioned the API instruments have been nonetheless within the “early phase” and that the corporate shall be “sharing more later in the year.” That mentioned, Finnbogason added that “this is pretty wild stuff,” and we now have to agree.

Now if solely Nintendo would create the same spreadsheet software so we may monitor our burgeoning Animal Crossing bell companies.

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