In defence of Tucker Carlson’s stance on South Africa

James Myburgh |

09 May 2022

James Myburgh says the NYT bought the farm homicide/EWC problem fully improper in its assault on the Fox News host

At the tip of April The New York Times ran a 3 half collection by Nick Confessore that sought to prosecute the case that Tucker Carlson, the host of the present “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on Fox News within the United States, had constructed “what may be the most racist show in the history of cable news.”

Among the incidents that Confessore used to make his argument have been the segments Carlson ran on the difficulty of farm murders and looming land seizures in South Africa via the course of 2018. Confessore targeted right here on Carlson’s section on 15th May 2018 the place he invited Ernst Roets of AfriForum to look on his present to speak about the issue of farm assaults in South Africa and the ANC authorities’s indifference to them. Carlson launched the section as follows:

“Well, now to a fascinating and significant story the media have all but ignored. South Africa is a diverse country, but the South African government would like to make it much less diverse. An embattled minority of farmers, mostly Afrikaans-speaking, is being targeted in a wave of barbaric and horrifying murders. But instead of protecting them, the government just passed a law allowing it to seize their farms without any compensation based purely on their ethnicity, and distribute those farms to more favoured groups. Thousands have already migrated out of the country, but they have struggled to attract any sympathy abroad for some reason.”

Addressing Roets Carlson acknowledged, “you describe in this book a disorganized but in some sense intentional campaign to crush a racial minority within your country, and the government seems on-board with it. Is that an overstatement?”

According to Confessore this section “jolted even his more jaded Fox colleagues”. He reviews that “During a subsequent meeting of Fox’s senior executives, Brian Jones, president of Fox Business Network and the highest-ranking Black man in Fox leadership, explained that almost everything Mr. Carlson was saying on the air was wrong.” In Confessore’s telling Carlson’s description of the state of affairs in South Africa was factually baseless, and easily the product of the fevered imaginings of white racialists within the US.

There was definitely an absence of precision in Carlson’s framing of the state of affairs in South Africa in his segments, however Confessore manages, in his long-researched response, to lever in a variety of much more questionable claims. These relate each to the ANC and EFF’s effort to amend the structure to explicitly enable for Expropriation Without Compensation, and to the difficulty of farm murders as nicely.


To perceive the place Carlson and Confessore went improper – and the relative weight of their errors – it’s essential to sketch the historic and political context that almost all New York Times readers can be fully unfamiliar with.


Julius Malema, the self-styled “Commander in Chief” of the Economic Freedom Fighters has, from the time he was chief of the ANC Youth League, been calling for the structure to be modified to permit for expropriation with out compensation, to allow the confiscation of white-owned land and wealth. This was not a brand new demand, however an previous ANC one, with Malema demanding that the liberation motion set about lastly bringing to completion its historic mission, as Robert Mugabe and Zanu-PF had executed (with ANC help) in Zimbabwe within the early 2000s.

In his speech outdoors the court docket in Newcastle in November 2016 – the place he famously acknowledged that “we are not calling for the slaughtering of white people, at least for now” – Malema reiterated that the EFF’s strategic goal was “the defeat of White Monopoly Capital” one thing which meant “the ownership of property must change and be transferred into the hands of the people [meaning: the black African majority]. The mines must be nationalised! The banks must be nationalised! The land must be expropriated, without compensation!”