Molapisi explains statement about youth ‘sacrificing their bodies’  

What precisely did Botswana Peoples Party president, Motlatsi Molapisi, imply when he stated that some Batswana youth must “sacrifice their bodies” so that others might be free? Would he himself sacrifice members of his circle of relatives to set Botswana free? The Setswana that he used was, “Re ta a patelesega go tsena mo seemong sa gore bana bangwe ba Batswana ba ntshe mebele ya bone gore e tshubiwegore bangwe ba te ba bone kgololesego.” 

In a time frame when former president Ian Khama has stated that if reclaiming the Botswana that he was happier in means the nation going by “turmoil and discomfort so be it”, when the president of the Umbrella for Democratic Change has proposed “bloodshed” as applicable response to vote rigging by the ruling celebration, an announcement like one Molapisi made is of course understood inside apocalyptic context. As a matter of truth, the general public commenting on the Facebook remark board of the video during which Molapisi made that assertion expressed alarm.

When Sunday Standard sought clarification of the assertion, the very first thing he asserted was that he was not inciting anybody to violence however was predicting what’s actually coming. “Nowhere in the world has society been liberated without leaders feeling pressure from the masses and we must prepare for that future,” stated the BPP president who additionally sits on the National Executive Committee of the UDC. He stresses “future” as a result of he says that Batswana have but to achieve a stage the place they’re motivated sufficient to exert excessive political strain on leaders. Giving the 2011 strike by civil servants for example, he says that the hanging employees operated inside confined area, which isn’t how revolutions roll themselves out. He provides although that farther down the street, as the price of dwelling skyrockets and requirements of dwelling plummet, Batswana will naturally take to the streets and agitate for his or her rights extra forcefully. When that occurs, “some may die” within the course of because the state unleashes its equipment of terror.

In that regard, Molapisi offers the instance of the Sharpeville Massacre within the apartheid South Africa. The bloodbath in query occurred on March 21, 1960, in Sharpeville, a black suburb outdoors of Vereeniging, about fifty miles south of Johannesburg. Some 69 Africans have been killed and 186 have been wounded, with most shot within the again. However, there’s nonetheless one ticklish query. In his assertion, Molapisi advocates for human sacrifice and we requested him whether or not he can be keen to sacrifice anybody in his circle of relatives, like kids or grandchildren. An excellent many individuals who commented on his video requested that very same query. “I don’t need to sacrifice anyone,” he responds. “I will sacrifice myself. Everybody else would have to volunteer to do so.”

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