Recall: Kroger, Walgreens store brand over-the-counter drugs

Unsafe packaging caused 407,050 bottles of Walgreens and Kroger store-brand, over-the-counter pain relievers to be recalled by Aurohealth, Sun Pharma and Time-Cap Labs.

The exact problem, as stated in four different U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission recall alerts: “The recalled over-the-counter product contains the regulated substance (acetaminophen or aspirin and ibuprofen) which must be in child resistant packaging as required by the Poison Prevention Packaging Act (PPPA). The packaging of the product is not child resistant, posing a risk of poisoning if the contents are swallowed by young children.”

No poisonings have been reported.

Acetaminophen is the generic name for the active ingredient in Tylenol.

Here’s what’s covered by these recalls. If you have any of these bottles, you can return them to the store of purchase for a full refund.

Walgreens, Easy Open for Adults, Pain Reliever, Acetaminophen, 500 mg, Fever Reducer, Extra Strength, 150 caplets, lot Nos. P2100627, P2100671, P2100672, P2100689 P2100747 and P2100859, expiration date Nov-2022, and P2200050, expiration date Jan-2023, recalled by Aurohealth.

For any questions on this recall, call Aurohealth 888-504-2014, Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., Eastern time.

Walgreens Tylenol.png
Recalled Walgreens Acetaminophen FDA

Kroger, Acetaminophen, Arthritis Pain, Extended-Release, Tablets USP, 650 mg, 225 extended-release tablets, lot Nos. P2100890, P2100891 and P2100992 with expiration date Aug-2023 and P2101010, expiration date Apr-2023, recalled by Aurohealth.

Kroger ArthritisPainAcetaminophen650mg225countbottle.png
Recalled Kroger Arthritis Pain Acetaminophen FDA

Kroger Acetaminophen, Extended-Release Tablets USP, 650mg, 100-count bottles, lot Nos. AC45463, AC38213 or AC30682, recalled by Sun Pharma.

Kroger knockoff tylenol 100-count 650 mg_fitted.png
Kroger Acetaminophen (generic Tylenol), 100-count bottles of 650 mg caplets FDA

Kroger Low Dose, Aspirin, 81 mg Delayed-Release Tablets/Pain Reliever, 300 enteric coated tablets, lot Nos. A077J, F032H, F035H, J011H and K031H, recalled by Time-Cap Labs.

Kroger aspirin.png
Recalled Kroger Aspirin FDA

Kroger, Ibuprofen, Capsules, 200 mg Pain Reliever/Fever Reducer, 160 softgels, lot Nos. FH1163, C11044, C11047, C11064, C11065, C11079 and C11084, recalled by Time-Cap Labs.

Kroger ibuprofen.png
Recalled Kroger Ibuprofen FDA

For questions on the Kroger recalls, call 800-576-4377 (800-KRO-GERS), Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to midnight, Eastern time, or 7 a.m. to 9:30 p.m., Eastern time on Saturdays.

The Kroger products were sold in Kroger stores, of course, but also these chains: Baker’s; City Market; Dillons; Dillons Marketplace; Fred Meyer; Fry’s Food and Drug; Fry’s Marketplace; Fry’s Mercado; Gerbes; JayC; JayC Food Plus; King Soopers; King Soopers Fresh Fare; King Soopers Marketplace; Kroger Fresh Fare; Kroger Marketplace; Mariano’s; Metro Market; Payless Super Market; Pick ‘n Save; Pick ‘n Save Marketplace; Smith’s; and Smith’s Marketplace.

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