What Is Scalp Pigmentation? Experts Break Down the Tattooing Technique for Faking Fuller Hair

Much of the confusion that surrounds scalp micropigmentation is brought on by of us lumping it along with microblading, however they do not truly do the identical factor. “Microblading relies on small strokes, semi-permanent ink, and a blade that cuts into the skin – it’s totally different,” says Jara. 

It’s additionally simple to get misplaced within the jargon round tattoos. “Essentially, we’re tattooing just like a body tattooist, except we’re strategically using smaller, finer needles to replicate the size of tiny hair follicles,” says Hernandez. 

A needle for this process solely penetrates 1.5 to 2 millimeters into the highest layer of the dermis. “This is the sweet spot for scalp micropigmentation,” says Jara. “If the needle only hits the surface layer of skin, cell turnover causes the pigment to quickly fade. Go too deep into the subcutaneous layer and the pigment loses its shape and spreads out, staining the scalp with round blotches.”

Overall, scalp micropigmentation may be helpful for somebody in search of a purely beauty enchancment for hair loss, says Michelle Henry, MD, a New York City-based board-certified dermatologist who additionally makes a speciality of hair restoration. “But it’s important to understand that it doesn’t cause hair to regrow,” she says, including that scalp micropigmentation will not injury the hair follicle both. “If somebody has a tattoo on their arm, it would not develop into an alopecia space, so the process should not inhibit hair development.”

Who is an efficient candidate for scalp micropigmentation?

Those coping with hair thinning, alopecia, and visual scalp scarring from hair transplants or surgical procedures will profit most from scalp micropigmentation. “A main area of concern for men is the hairline and crown,” Jara says. “For women, it’s usually the temples and the spot where they consistently part their hair.”

If you’ve gotten an underlying pores and skin situation although, proceed with warning. “The type of patient who may want to speak to their dermatologist first has a lot of keloid scarring and gets what we call a ‘spontaneous keloid’ from something as tiny as an acne scar,” notes Dr. Henry. There are additionally potential dangers for these with energetic eczema or psoriasis, she says, since they tend to flare up in areas of trauma.

Does scalp micropigmentation work if you have already got hair?

The quick reply is certainly. There is a spread of choices relying on the sample of hair loss. Those with a thinning head of hair can have follicles tattooed onto areas the place there may be nonetheless hair development to create the looks of lush quantity (also called “Hair Density Scalp Micropigmentation”). 

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